Web design that welcomes your customers in

A well-designed website invites your customers into your business. A less thoughtful site leaves potential customers at the door. With Perspective, we make sure each visitor gets the welcome they deserve.

Picture of projects
Picture of projects

Seeing your site with a new Perspective

Your website is your business card, your corporate identity, and your business all rolled up in one. Yet, users stay on the sites they visit for an average of less than 15 seconds. Unless your first impression is a seamless one, they’re gone. So, what does it take to keep them around?

How Perspective crafts websites

For us, spectacular web design is just the beginning. Eye-catching visuals are made all the more impactful because we anchor them with a thorough understanding of functionality, usability and performance. By focusing on how visitors will interact with your site and tying that into your business, your website becomes an effective, engaging extension of your brand.

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Step by Step

Our website process

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Strategy session

What are your expectations for your brand’s website? What are your goals? And what features do we need to achieve those goals? During our kick-off meeting, we’ll lead a structured brainstorming session and discussion to identify your goals and create the best path forward.

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Website design

Throughout the web design process, we will create the visual representation of your website. You’ll be involved throughout, reviewing stages, offering feedback, and refining your objectives as we hone your vision.

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Site build

From the frameworks comes the functionality that will bring your site to life. At Perspective, we use Webflow, a comprehensive coding tool that offers previously impossible combinations of visual design with user experience to create a site that is exactly as you need it to be.

Practical information

Nice to know

What else does your team design
What else does your team design?

We’re experienced in websites, web apps, and digital tools. From rebrands to radical new ideas, we provide the best service in our areas of expertise.

What does it cost
What does this cost?

We design websites as unique as each of our clients. Because each site depends on a number of factors, we prefer to create custom packages based on our initial call.

How much time does it take
How long does this take?

From your first interview and the strategy session to the live website, we generally need 4 to 8 weeks to realize your new website. 

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Other Common Questions


How long does it take to build a website?

The actual time in the building phase varies depending on whether it’s a website with a single page or multiple pages. We prefer to talk about the whole design process taking between 4 and 8 weeks from the first call to the live website.

I would like a Wordpress website instead. Is that possible?

During our call to discuss your application, we can discuss your reasons for wanting a Wordpress website. It may be possible, but the timing and pricing will vary depending on the complexity.

Will you write the text of the website?

We work hand-in-hand with our clients during the brainstorming process and the site design process to craft the text. While we can write the text, we prefer not to be solely responsible. When you’re involved in the process, we can be sure we get your brand voice right.

Can I arrange photography with you?

We are happy to help arrange a photographer to meet your needs or to find the proper digital provider.

Can I change the content of my website myself?

Yes, we’ll be able to show you how to modify certain pieces of your website. 


What clients are saying

  • Stefan Wateler

    Co-Founder - Cupplement

    Perspective did the Branding & Webshop design for us. Pleasant contact from the start and they have been closely involved in the entire project. Fast delivery and very happy with the end result.

  • "Very satisfied with the work that Perspective delivers. Good communication and people think along. We say do it!" Good communication and thinking along.

  • Katarzyna Piechula

    Product Designer - Dakko

    Amazing work on UI and Branding. Great collaboration and communication! Its a pleasure to work with Perspective Design!

  • Melle Sprenger

    Founder - RoutiGo

    "Smooth collaboration .. Perspective understands us and delivers results that we can work with that fit well with RoutiGo!"