Let’s make your brand one they’ll remember

Your brand identity is more than your logo, font, and colors. It’s the confidence your customers feel when they see your website. It’s the trustworthiness they sense when they open your emails.  At Perspective, we design brands that connect with customers for a lasting impact.

Picture of project
Picture of project

Embrace your brand with a new Perspective

Your corporate identity and logo give you a clear visual identity, allowing for a recognizable, consistent voice that communicates trust. Making sure that design is consistent throughout your brand’s touchpoints is the key to making sure your customers trust in your brand lasts.

How Perspective builds up your brand

Your brand starts with you. From a deep dive into your brand’s core values, our team of designers create a visual identity that communicates what matters to you - and to your ideal customers. With the help of a brand book, you’ll be able to maintain that consistent identity across your whole company, bringing your customers along for the journey.

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Step by Step

Our branding process

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Strategy session

What does your company do? What problems does it solve? And who does it solve them for? In our first meeting, we’ll work with you to define who you are. Through a structured session, we’ll understand the impact your brand has - and will have - in your industry, and share concepts for how best to communicate that impact through design.

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Brand design

After our discussion, our designers will begin designing your corporate identity. We will soon share the colors, fonts, photos and graphics that make up your brand, along with an explanation behind the process. We take you along our journey so that you can take your customer along yours.

Computer mouseKeyboardBand book

Brand book

After you have approved your new brand identity, we will deliver a brand book. This guidebook communicates how your brand will present itself to the world. These rules ensure that no matter where your customer encounters your brand, they’re encountering the same brand. With consistency comes confidence.

Practical information

Nice to know

What else does your team design
What else does your team design?

Our design team is experienced in websites, web applications, and digital tools. Whether you’re looking for a rebrand or developing an entirely new digital idea.

What does it cost
What does this cost?

Because branding depends on each client’s needs, we prefer to create custom packages based on our initial phone call. After that call, we can create a quote based on that. Each of our quotes has a full explanation of the prices.

How much time does it take
How long does this take?

After our phone call, we will be able to give you a timeline that takes us from the point the project starts through the strategy sessions, brand design, and finally delivery of the brand book.

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Other Common Questions


How long does it take to design a brand identity?

Depending on the complexity of the project, the brand identity process can take up to 4 weeks.

I already have a logo. Why do I need a new brand identity?

There are two main reasons to consider a new brand identity. In our current marketplace, brands are refreshing their logos every 5-to-10 years. If yours is more than 5 years old, it’s worth considering if it still matches up with your brand. Similarly, many companies only have a logo without having the full brand identity, making it difficult for them to clearly communicate their message across platforms.

How does brand voice tie into the brand identity?

When working with the copy that goes onto your website, it’s worth thinking about how you want to present yourself to your customers - and what your customers are looking for. Your brand voice should be like your brand book and can include words you use, phrases you stay away from, and the level of formality. Likewise, you’ll want to consider the demographics of your customer and how you should speak to them. We are able to consult on this process.


What clients are saying

  • Stefan Wateler

    Co-Founder - Cupplement

    Perspective did the Branding & Webshop design for us. Pleasant contact from the start and they have been closely involved in the entire project. Fast delivery and very happy with the end result.

  • "Very satisfied with the work that Perspective delivers. Good communication and people think along. We say do it!" Good communication and thinking along.

  • Katarzyna Piechula

    Product Designer - Dakko

    Amazing work on UI and Branding. Great collaboration and communication! Its a pleasure to work with Perspective Design!

  • Melle Sprenger

    Founder - RoutiGo

    "Smooth collaboration .. Perspective understands us and delivers results that we can work with that fit well with RoutiGo!"