Route planning for deliverers

With RoutiGo’s route planning software, driving and planning delivery routes is easy. What’s more, deliverers can now communicate effortlessly with their customers via the live Track & Trace.


A platform that combines planning and insight

RoutiGo’s software is complex, juggling an impressive number of variables all at the same time. Unfortunately, so was its design. What excited us was simplifying the use of the product while still meeting the needs of their customers who want to plan small to large routes.


Planning dashboard

Inspired to make the planning software more intuitive, we designed the RoutiGo dashboard to help organize the many addresses often needed in a typical deliverer’s route. From that dashboard, it’s also possible to track routes in progress and update addresses which might receive an early or late delivery. 

Driver App

RoutiGo has multiple touchpoints: the dashboard and the app. For the app, we prioritized safety and efficiency for the driver. It calculates the most efficient route so the driver doesn’t have to worry about planning - even if a new stop gets added. The app also makes it possible to see if the driver is arriving early, late or just on time.

Track and Trace

RoutiGo also offers a new, more personal way for customers to track their deliveries through the live Track and Trace. We did this by designing a new interface to improve the user experience.


Building customer confidence through color 

With a focus on blues to install loyalty, confidence, and authority and splashes of yellow to share positivity, we crafted a brand identity that communicates to RoutiGo’s many service providers and customers their position in the market.

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