Mijn notitieboekje

Creating a custom notebook made easy 

With the website from Mijn Notitieboekje, customers can make their own notebook from scratch or start with one of the ready-made designs to make it their own.


Easily design your own notebook online

Having a personalized notebook appeals to people of all ages. Developing a website that people of all ages can use to design a notebook was the challenge. Through comprehensive audience research and a number of iterations, we made sure there was something for everyone.


A large number of templates

The success of this project depends on its appeal to a large audience, so we started with a large number of templates. From a business notebook to a cheerful notebook, there is a template for everyone to start with.

Easily configure your notebook

From putting your name on the notebook to pictures of family and friends inside it, we prioritized customization. We also included additional layers of customization, including options like choosing between black, silver or white ring binders and checkered, striped or blank paper.


Blending creativity with functionality

At its heart, Mijn Notitieboekje is a creative outlet. Still, our design prioritizes clear, clean functionality. We picked the easy-to-read white font on a deep blue background with elements of pink to inspire creative ideas for a brand that makes creation and personalization accessible.

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