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Find the art teacher that’s right for you

The platform where you can search, find and choose a suitable art teacher. From guitar lessons to ballet lessons, on Choose Your Teacher you can find them all.

Kies je Docent redesign


To keep going, a growing platform needs a redesign

Choose Your Teacher has grown into a site with over 2,000 teachers presenting themselves and thousands of monthly users searching, finding and choosing. Our challenge is to keep the platform simple and clear, so students can quickly find the right match.


Find a teacher that suits you

In performing research, we discovered there were two primary groups of visitors to the site: those who know exactly what they want, and those that are still searching. We designed a convenient flow to help those two groups better get where they’re going on the platform.

Find teachers near you

Are you looking for a guitar teacher near you? Check out the map to see who is closest to you and send him or her a message right away to schedule a trial lesson.


From overwhelming to simple

We helped Choose Your Teacher improve the user experience with a refreshed interface. By removing the obstacles, we make choosing your next art teacher that much simpler!

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